Athens immediately rejects Turkish complaints about military movements on the Greek islands

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Responding to a related communication, which Turkey made earlier today to the Greek Ambassador in Ankara, Christodoulos Lazaris, Athens rejected the objections in their entirety as they are completely unfounded and inconsistent with International Law.

According to diplomatic sources, the Greek Ambassador underlined that the Greek positions have been thoroughly developed in the two letters sent to the UN Secretary General.

Greece in this regard, unlike Turkey, fully respects its obligations arising from the Treaty of Lausanne.

The Greek Ambassador in Ankara pointed out that Greece is not the country that threatens its neighbour with war (casus belli), nor has it developed a massive amphibious fleet on its shores, as Turkey has done, the same sources said.

Lazaris added that Turkey continues to violate Greece's sovereignty, with its continuous airspace violations, as well as its overflights over Greek territory.

Earlier today, the Greek ambassador in Ankara was summoned to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he was asked to put an end to the violations on the islands and to restore the demilitarised regime.

In addition, Ankara also communicated to the US a note of protest entitled "Aegean Islands" through which it demands that Washington respect the status of the Eastern Aegean islands and take measures to avoid violation of this specific status.

Turkey continued its fake news tactics on Sunday, using leaked UAV spy photos "to prove" the baseless logic that Greece's eastern Aegean islands should be demilitarised.

As mentioned in the Anadolu cable published on Sunday morning, an unmanned aircraft recorded the moment of disembarking from ships of military equipment in Lesvos and Samos.

With the false argument that there are international treaties that require the islands of the eastern Aegean to be demilitarised, the state news agency noted that "these activities of Greece are in violation of international law".

The sources cited by Anadolu speak of a UAV flight that recorded the two Greek transport ships traveling to Lesvos and Samos.

According to Anadolu's "revelation", 23 armored vehicles were landed in Lesvos and 18 armored vehicles in Samos.

"We must note that these vehicles were among those sent to the port of Alexandroupoli from the USA," the telegram added.

According to the security sources cited by the Turkish news agency, the two incidents took place on September 18 and 21 and "are the clearest indication that Greece continues to arm the islands close to Turkey and violates the status of non-militarised islands."

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