GNTM 5: Kaya's tears for Ukraine, the transgender model and Sophia Hadjipanteli's fight - Watch the video


The auditions for the new cycle of Greece's Next Top Model (GNTM) continue with the goal of finding the next top model to make a career in the field.

Katia, originally from Ukraine, managed to impress the four judges with both her natural beauty and her character. She already works as a model and sends money to her family in war-torn Ukraine.

The determination she showed to reach the final to continue helping her family and bring her sister to Cyprus created a touching atmosphere on set.

Vicky Kaya was so moved that she burst into tears: "It is the most serious and touching thing anyone has said here. Excuse me. Your greatness and your love for your family and your country moves me a lot."

"You are a model, generous, great person and I am sure you will bring your sister. You will win it and you will see it through."

Evelyn from Cyprus appeared at the GNTM auditions and described the difficulties she experienced as a trans.

“As you know, I am a trans woman. Unfortunately or fortunately, I had too much hardness in accepting the gender as trans and it took me a long time to start expressing myself. It's been six months since I started hormone therapy," Evelyn said.

"I suffered. Through this I was created and I am proud of who I am. I was rejected and I have very bad experiences and I did psychological damage to myself. I have lost my faith... The first time I realised it was when I was six years old.

"We were watching TV with my family and my father suddenly asked me do you feel like a woman? At that time I started crying, I ran across the room, wrapped myself up and said, God, when I wake up, I'm a biological woman.

"My father was the first to stand by me and bought me my first dolls when I wanted them. It helped me."

Irini from Cyprus went to the competition to pursue her dream, however, in the last eight months she has been experiencing a great mourning after losing her father to coronavirus.

The 18-year-old girl, when she spoke about him to the judges, could not stand it and collapsed. With tears in her eyes, she said her dad was her biggest fan.

"Life goes on and I hope he was happy for me!" said Irini.

Then Vicky Kaya got up from her seat and went to give her a big hug.

Irini gathered 3 "yes" but "no" from Sophia Hadjipanteli who burst out, reacting that the Cypriot contestant in front of them had nothing special compared to other Cypriot girls, while Giorgos Karavas and Vicky Kaya said the opposite.

This point of view made Sophia Hadjipanteli lose her temper and as a result she got up from her seat and left the set.

When she returned, she continued in a more intense tone and even got into a fight with Tassos Sofroniou, shouting that he was not letting her finish her sentence and reasoning. Giorgos Karavas and Tasos Sofroniou left their positions while Vicky Kaya tried to calm her down.

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