Nikos Vertis: "I'd rather work in a souvlaki shop - without pay - than go on Survivor"

Nikos Vertis

Nikos Vertis gave an interview and mentioned, among other things, how he would rather work in a souvlaki shop than participate on the reality television show Survivor.

The well-known singer spoke on "Breakfast at Kosmoradio 95.1", with the aforementioned excerpt shown on the Mega Kalimera show.

When faced with the dilemma of whether he would choose to work in a souvlaki or go to Survivor, Nikos Vertis said that he would gladly choose the first option and, in fact, without pay.

"I do not eat out of the garbage. The kids [on Survivor] told me they ate out of the garbage. This is not for me. The souvlaki shop doesn't have anything like that," he said.

He even emphasised that under no circumstances would he eat food from the garbage, as previous Survivor contestants did.

The singer also referred to the recent incident, with the police raid on the nightclub he appeared in, which caused him to be irritated.

“There were a lot of complaints at the nightclub from what I understand. We all know the area very well, it is not inhabited. The airport has twice the decibels. There was a check by the police, they went inside the nightclub, did it normally and found no violation. They Left," he said.

"After a while they came back, checked again, left and everything was normal. They came back after a while for a third time and did the same check. So when you get checked for the same thing so many times, you start to lose your patience," he explained.

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