Turkey escalates its aggressive rhetoric - Greece at the centre of the Turkish National Security Council meeting

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The "issue" of Greece will be raised by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at today's meeting of the Turkish National Security Council, further escalating the aggressive rhetoric and intensifying the pro-war climate against Greece by spreading the narrative of demilitarised islands.

Turkey's pro-government media emphasise the importance of today's meeting, where "the steps taken by Greece that equips Aegean islands" will be examined in detail, as they say.

It is considered certain that as long as Turkey marches towards the 2023 presidential elections, and as long as the results of the opinion polls are not encouraging for Erdoğan, the "targeting" of Greece will intensify in order to have electoral benefits from the nationalist audience.

It is also no coincidence that almost all the opposition parties follow the same extreme line.

From the announcement that will be issued after the end of today's meeting, conclusions are expected to be drawn about where Ankara is going and how it will move towards Greece in the next period.

Today's meeting of the National Security Council dominates the Turkish news.

"At the council, the response to the Greek provocations will be evaluated," reported the Haber Global network, noting: "The moments in which Greek amphibious ships transported American-made armored vehicles to Mytilene and Samos were recorded by Turkish UAVs."

"The council will consider the steps to be taken in the international arena in order to have an impact on the challenges of equipping the islands that have a demilitarised status."

Other issues that will be raised in today's meeting are the demonstrations in the streets of Iran, the anti-terrorist fight, as well as "the incidents of repatriation of migrants in the Aegean".

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