Turkish media: "We can hit Greece and they can hit us from the islands"

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Sticking to the pro-war climate, the Turkish media networks present former military analysts, who analyse attacks on Samos and Lesvos from the Asia Minor coast or Greek strikes from the islands towards Turkey.

How easily Samos and Lesbos are "attacked" from the Turkish coast was presented the former military and analyst Özgür Tor on a Turkish TV show.

Speaking about the tension in the relations between Greece and Turkey, he defiantly claimed that the two Greek islands are very close to Turkey, as far as: "the range of the weapon of a lightly armed infantry soldier" or even within the range of a mortar.

With the measure apparently lost, it was defiantly asserted: “Samos is only 1.5 kilometers away, that is, within gun range of a lightly armed infantry soldier. In other words, we are talking about a proximity in which if you shoot with a machine gun from one side to the other then it can reach the other. While Lesbos is also within the range of a mortar or an anti-tank missile."

In the same climate, and trying to create a climate of insecurity and fear in the Turkish society, the security analyst Abdullah Ağar, referred to the capabilities of the Greek artillery in Lesvos in a CNN Türk broadcast.

Showing a relevant map, he argued: "How far is it here? 10 kilometers. That is, an artillery system that can be placed on the coasts can easily target Turkey, that is, the forces that will land can hit them. Or to hit one of our movements in the seas".

Speaking about Samos, Ağar pointed out: “Look they came here which is only 2 km away and they placed them normally. They installed an artillery system here, they also installed here, and the same here right across from Ephesus Neopolis (Greek:Ἔφεσος Νεόπολις, Turkish: Kuşadası) and Didyma (Δίδυμα, Turkish: Didim)."

"From here they can hit populated areas, which is normally prohibited by the law of war. We must not forget that in the Karabakh war, 85-90% of the casualties were caused by support fire," he said.

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