Albanian History Professor: "The 12 Gods of Olympus were Albanian"

Albania 12 olympian gods

An Albanian who introduces himself as a... historian, known for his anti-Hellenic sentiments and for his cooperation with the Albanian police in the persecution of Greeks in Northern Epirus, who are living in their ancestral homes, published in English the book Arvanites: The Founders of Modern Greece (Myths of the Greek Histiography).

This is Arben Llalla, who lives permanently in Tetovo in North Macedonia and belongs to the category of Albanian historians who could very well make a career out of writing science fiction.

This book only had 500 copies published in the English language and was financed by the North Macedonia Ministry of Culture, the country which essentially has a doctorate in the falsification of history.

The book shows in a propagandistic mood that the establishment of the Greek state was possible thanks to the Arvanites, which he defines as Albanian. The author's nationalist position goes to the extremes and enables the reader to question much of what is written as arbitrariness.

Specifically, he notes that all the Twelve Gods of Olympus were... Albanians, trying to show that the roots of the Albanians were from the prehistoric times in Greece.

"The gods of Olympus were Albanian"

He is of the opinion that the Albanian roots in Greece date back to an earlier period, that is, to antiquity. Studying the old language of Homer's works, Iliad and "Odyssey", they will come across purely Albanian words, he ridiculously claims.

For example, the names of the gods of Olympus are explained only in Albanian...

According to some "scientists", this theory is based on the fact that the meaning of many names of ancient gods can be explained only in the Albanian language...

The name of Zeus, Nemesis and Rhea come from the words "zë", "nëmë" and "re" (voice, mother, cloud), which makes you think that the Albanians were always there in ancient Greece.

We have some other topics to suggest to the author for his future books, such as:

  • The Tyrannosaurus came from Tirana
  • The ozone hole is Albanian
  • Adam and Eve's garden was located in Elbasan.

He even claims that 60% of Greeks are Albanian, but of course does not provide any genetic studies to back his claim which would quickly debunk his claims.

In fact, genetic studies have found that modern Greeks have a direct link to the Bronze Age Minoan and Mycenean civilizations.

Arvanites: The Founders of Modern Greece (Myths of the Greek Histiography)

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