Greek shipowners control over 20% of the global fleet capacity


Greece remains the global leader in shipping, with over 20% of the world fleet by capacity, even though the country accounts for just 0.16% of the planet’s population.

Greek shipowners control 20.67% of the global shipping capacity and 54.28% of capacity in the European Union, the Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS) reports in its latest annual report.

Released 7 September, the report highlights that between 2007 and 2019, the Greeks more than doubled the shipping capacity of their fleet; they have invested to a great extent in new and energy-efficient vessels, taking the average age of the Greek-owned fleet to 9.17 years, below the mean rate of the global fleet which stands at 9.61 years.

Along with Singapore, China and Hong Kong, all of which have recently added to their fleets, and Japan, Greece completes the world’s big five shipping powers.

John Angelicoussis remains Greece’s largest shipowner by some margin for 2019 in tonnage terms with the number of Greek-controlled oceangoing fleets.

The New York-listed Angeliki Frangou/Navios remains in the second spot regarding carrying capacity but runs the most extensive fleet.

George Procopiou/Dynacom/Dynagas/Sea Traders move to third.