Süleyman Soylu: "Turkey is a noble nation, our ancestors promoted philosophy"

Süleyman Soylu

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu recently appeared confident that: "Turkey will rule the world by making history" and that "God is with Erdogan and his government".

Speaking on Thursday at a business forum, Soylu returned with new statements about the "noble Turkish nation" which - among other things - also promoted philosophy.

"We are Turkey. We are a big country. We are a noble nation. Ideas and philosophies were promoted by our ancestors and are valuable and necessary in today's world," said the Turkish Minister of the Interior.

He also emphasised that "Turkey's mission is to give a hand to the countries that want to get rid of the oppression of wild capitalism".

"We also have a geographical responsibility. We are the heart of all world geography. There are countries around us that follow development, we must extend our hand to them. We must lend a hand to countries that want to get rid of proxy wars. We must shake hands with the countries that want to liberate themselves from the oppression of savage capitalism and liberate them."

Soylu is considered a man of absolute confidence of Erdogan and had central role in last March's crisis on the Greek-Turkish border. Last April, he submitted his resignation from his position due to Covid-19, but it was not accepted. Many believe that he will have a major role in Turkey in the post-Erdogan era.

The video with Soylu's new statements was posted on the Twitter account of the self-exiled Turkish journalist in Sweden, Abdullah Bozkurt, manager of the independent Nordic Monitor network.

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