Turkish media's obsession with the Greek islands: Proposals to bomb the Greek Navy and block tourism

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Ankara's obsession with the Aegean islands and their supposed demilitarised regime has occupied Turkish media for months, but with an increase in coverage in the past 48 hours on Turkish media.

All the channels have their own "solutions" to the frustration that Greece's Aegean Islands are well defended and not in a position to be invaded by the Turkish military.

At Haber Global, the presenter said: "An announcement is made about the joint Greek-French exercise and they publish a NAVTEX which closes the area there between Skyros and Agios Efstratios. But against whom? Is it a war rehearsal? And indeed when there is a time of escalation."

"There are islands here that should be in demilitarised status. By the way, looking at the map, all the islands that are right in front of our noses have been armed. Right across from us they have set up American bases. Looking at them like that, it doesn't mean much?"

Retired military officer Ismail Hakki Pekin said to the presenter: "Of course they mean it. Looking at it this way, it seems that measures are being taken to hinder and prevent Turkey's military operation towards the Aegean - the military operation both towards Thrace and these islands of the Aegean".

He continued: "They have a three-front anti-aircraft system. The first line of air defence is the island front, in the eastern Aegean islands and the Dodecanese, immediately after is the air defence front in the rest of the Aegean islands, and the third front is mainland Greece.

"They also have the Patriots there, they are doing this to block our aircraft. This is a rehearsal."

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In the same show, university professor Özgür Tör, a former member of the Turkish Armed Forces, recommends an attack against the Greek fleet!

"So, since they gathered all their ships here, it's really interesting. We have the Atmatza missile systems, that is with launches from land and air, on every side here they will be broken up."

Of course, there are also the more "reasonable" voices, such as the analyst Mete Yarar, who, speaking to CNN Türk, proposes a sanction-type measure towards the Greek islands in order to exert pressure and demilitarise them.

"If they have armed the islands with a demilitarised regime, you can not allow the passage from Turkey to the opposite side. All those who live on these islands survive thanks to the tourists who come from Turkey. Here are all their means of survival.

"One of the exclusions is financial. You only make one decision and declare that I do not allow day passes across the street. It is done!".

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