How many coffees a day does a Greek drink?

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The habits of Greeks are changing in terms of the type of coffee they consume every day, with the freddo "climbing" to the top of preferences, leaving far behind the frappe, however the habit of a coffee lasting for many hours does not change, according to data from the Hellenic Coffee Association (HEK).

"Freddo espresso and cappuccino are replacing frappe in stores, while capsules are replacing bulk coffee in homes. The glasses of coffee accompany us for several hours, giving the impression that we drink a lot of coffee in Greece, which is not the case. The Greek has a coffee next to him, but it can be the same one all morning and the same all afternoon", said the president of HEK Yiannis Benopoulos in speaking to the "Agency 104.9 FM" radio station.


He explained that according to the data concerning the sales and consumption of coffee, in Greece one and a half cups of coffee are consumed per day. This corresponds to about four kilograms per capita consumption per year, while in Germany the annual consumption is eight kilograms and in the Scandinavian region twelve.

However, as Benopoulos underlined, in our country innovations and new products are constantly being created in the coffee industry and this is due "because there is intense competition, a lot of talent both in processing and preparation, while at the same time there is a consumer public willing to try new stuff".

However, in the last 20 years, as the president of HEK stated, a small but steady increase in coffee consumption has been recorded year after year. Also, the Greek companies that produce excellent quality coffees and the barista culture developed in particular.

"The coffee market has developed in a dynamic way and funds have been invested, talents have come who put their mind and soul and create new things and there are many serious Greek companies that roast coffee here and make excellent blends," he said.

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He also mentioned that the pandemic has improved the equipment for preparing the drink at home, while when asked if there are differences in the way women and men drink their coffee, he replied that there may not be exact statistics , "but it seems that women prefer coffees with milk, as opposed to men who want them without."

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