Turkey's letter to the UN asking for the demilitarisation of the Greek islands - "We reject it," says Athens

Turkey Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

With its letter to the United Nations, Turkey once again made provocative and non-existent characterisations of the militarised status of Greece's Aegean islands.

In its five-page letter from September 17, which was revealed on Friday by ERT, Ankara more or less claims that the Aegean islands were ceded to Greece with reduced sovereignty.


Even more, Ankara argues that the international treaties, including the 1947 Paris Peace Treaties for the Dodecanese (which Turkey has not signed) give it the right to question Greece's sovereignty over the islands and maritime zones.

Turkey, in other words, insists on linking Greek sovereignty over the islands with the obligation of demilitarisation status

As ERT points out, it is the first time that Turkey claims that the treaties give it the right to challenge Greece's sovereignty over the maritime zones. At the same time, and misleadingly, Anakara invites Greece to a dialogue that obviously cannot take place.

It is recalled that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in his speech to the UN, which was made after the submission of the letter, did not mention the issue of sovereignty.

The Greek response

Diplomatic sources reported that Turkey, with the new letter it sent to the UN Secretary General, for the umpteenth time, is attempting to completely distort reality, as well as every concept of International Law, in order to project its non-existent positions.

Athens rejects it in its entirety. Greece reserves the right, as emphasised, to respond to the unacceptable, completely non-existent and lame arguments of Ankara, as and when it deems it appropriate.

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