Vaccinations with the new vaccines start on Monday

covid-19 coronavirus vaccine vaccination

Vaccinations with the new updated vaccines targeting the BA.4, BA.5 subvariants, the Omicron mutation of SARS-COV2, as well as the original strain of the coronavirus that was first identified in Wuhan, China in 2019 will begin on Monday, October 3.

The platform for all booster dose beneficiaries was opened on September 27 and by September 28, 12,185 appointments had been scheduled.

Booster vaccinations with the updated BA.1 vaccine began on September 14, as it was the first approved by the EMA on September 1.

By 28 September, 41,839 vaccinations with the updated BA.1 vaccine had been carried out, of which 4,338 were for the first booster dose, 31,499 for the second booster dose and 5,997 for the third booster dose. With the same vaccine, 10,870 appointments were scheduled until September 28.

The updated vaccines are designed as a booster dose only. Therefore, before the administration of the updated bivalent vaccine, basic vaccination must first be completed.