Varvitsiotis: 'The Greek borders have no grey zones, only blue lines'

Evros Border Fence Greece Varvitsiotis

"The prime minister sent a clear message to Turkey that our borders have no grey zones, only blue lines," Alternate Foreign Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis said on Friday, talking to radio station 'Real FM'.

The deputy minister said that he had conveyed the same message during his visit to Japan at the start of the week, where represented Greece at the funeral of former premier Shinzo Abe.

Citing the premier's statements on Thursday, he repeated that Greece was prepared for all possibilities, cultivating its international alliances and strengthening the country's defensive capability with an arms programme that has proven its worth under the pressure imposed by Ankara, which unlike Greece has been shut out of the programmes for the purchase of F-35 aircraft or the upgrading of F-16s.

Regarding the energy crisis, Varvitsiotis said that any delay in imposing the cap on natural gas repeatedly proposed by the Greek premier increased the risk of energy supply problems in Europe and the insecurity of the citizens, repeating Greece's position about the need for a European response.

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