Volos: A young robber beaten by his 54-year-old victim

police volos

A 23-year-old robber in Volos faced street justice after a 54-year-old Albanian got his hands on him.

The perpetrator had approached the 54-year-old from behind and threw him to the ground, where he had been neutralised with punches and kicks.

The young robber grabbed €120 and personal documents from the victims trouser pocket and fled, reported Proto Thema.

However... the victim did not give up!

He chased the robber together with a citizen who realised what happened, they caught up with him and got their revenge.

Police immediately arrived at the scene and handcuffed the robber. The young man was brought to the police station, where a case was filed against him for robbery was made.

He was taken to the prosecutor of Plimmeliodiki Volos.

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