Turkish Admiral Yaycı targets Samothrace as an extension of the US "base" in Alexandroupolis

cihat Yaycı

Retired Turkish Admiral Cihat Yaycı of the well-known institute he directs has raised the supposed issue of Samothrace, citing the allegedly illegal existence of "one land and one naval base on the island of Samothrace, 36 km distance from the Turkish mainland!".

"There are many self-propelled M-109 Howitzers, LEO 1A5G Tanks and armored vehicles on the island," he said, claiming that "Samothrace is one of the 23 islands that should be in civilian status according to Article 4 of the Treaty of Lausanne."

The response of the Greek side invokes the UN and the right to defend national territory, while an American special adviser and professor at the Postgraduate School of the US Navy, Ryan Gingeras, intervened in the matter, saying:

"Samothrace is only mentioned as being confirmed as Greek territory per the 1913 London Treaty. Article 4 references disparities between the text and map. There’s no contemporary evidence of the vehicles and the term demilitarization is not specifically referenced in the treaty."

The subject was also mentioned by the representative of the American Foreign Ministry who referred a Turkish journalist to the Greek government.

Why was there an American response to the Turkish absurd complaints about Samothrace?

The bottom line is not only the posting of an American expert on the absurd and provocative Turkish objections to the demilitarisation of the Greek islands, which is threatened by the armored Turkish Aegean (Fourth) Army, but also the fact that the US can no longer turn a blind eye to the plans of Turkey, since it is preparing to further strengthen the "base" in Alexandroupolis from which US aircraft and helicopters can be within easy reach of Samothrace.

According to Penta Postagma, having established facilities at the port, the US now wants to use the island of Samothrace as well.

The CAA (Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority) is planning a modern helipad on the island of Samothrace on behalf of the Greek armed forces and by extension the US.

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