Hi-tech autonomous towers to monitor Greek islands for threats

Outpost and solar

A Greek defence startup is putting up the "Outpost" autonomous observation tower to enhance island monitoring, which is important in territorial conflicts with neighbouring Turkey.

According to the maker Lambda Automata, Outpost employs artificial intelligence for geo-locating, identifying, and tracking a variety of dangers, including people, drones, vessels, aeroplanes, cars, and smoke mounds. The company's use case is focused on monitoring the nation's numerous islands in the Aegean Sea, a task for which Greek businesses recently debuted the Archytas drone.

The tower's installation in isolated areas devoid of infrastructure allows for networked sensing of sizable areas with a low staffing demand. The sensors enable the detection of hazards on three-dimensional maps thanks to the company's "Hydra" intelligent-perception plugin.

Unlike competing platforms, the Outpost makes use of sophisticated computer vision algorithms to transform inexpensive CCTV cameras into effective situational awareness tools. Its hardware and software are vendor-neutral and permit the integration of extra installed sensors. Depending on the needs, the solar-powered technology is also very adaptable and may be implemented in a matter of minutes.

The corporation is evasive when it comes to the system's ability to make exact detections, citing sensor arrangement as the deciding factor. According to Lambda Automata CEO Dimitris Kottas, the ideal performance standard is "a highly meticulous observer with a pair of binoculars and a cellphone."