Bahçeli: The Dodecanese and North Aegean islands belong to Turkey

Devlet Bahçeli

Every limit to the provocative rhetoric of Turkey was crossed on Tuesday by the far-right government partner of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Devlet Bahçeli, who, among other things, argued that the sovereignty of the Dodecanese and North Aegean islands are in fact Turkish and not Greek.

As Bahçeli told members of his Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), "Greece's arguments for sovereignty in the Dodecanese are completely unfounded and illegal."

"Actually only the right to use these islands remains in Greece. According to the Treaty of Lausanne, Greece could not use these islands militarily," added Erdoğan's far-right partner, making the same distorted reading of international treaties as the president of Turkey.

“The islands in the North Aegean, which were given to Greece for use without soldiers and weapons, are now filled with both. The sovereignty of these islands is without a doubt and legally in Turkey," Bahçeli continued in his delirium.

Threats could not be missing from Bahçeli's extreme rhetoric: "I announce to the world that we will not allow our rights to be violated, we will pull out the eyes of anyone who tries to cover our rights and justice."

The nationalist Turkish politician also referred to Kyriakos Mitsotakis saying that "the Greek prime minister hit the stone with the ax, we are not alone. We have God, we have our nation."

The response of Yiannis Economou

"[This is] a crescendo of frenzy and outrageous claims that have nothing to do with the truth", the government representative Yiannis Economou said on SKAI 100.3.

Economou said that it is not the first time that the Turks, even by their own standards, cross the line.

"As long as it does not get any target, Turkey continues to widen the deadlocks and cause problems even in the international community," he added.

The government representative also stated that "in Turkey's attempt to create a deed, overcoming the limits of the graphic, Greece reacts soberly and methodically, strengthening the country's geostrategic footprint".

We must be on full alert. Far from panic, with a strategy that allows us to be able to face any challenge, either at the diplomatic level or in the field," he said.

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