GNTM 5: Sophia Hadjipanteli's goodbye

sophia hadjipanteli

Greece's Next Top Model (GNTM) auditions are over and Sophia Hadjipanteli is now a thing of the past from Star's fashion reality show. Just before the ID Catwalk, the rest of the judges said goodbye and thanked her for her valuable help.

"It was difficult but I did it. I think I liked it more than anything, seeing strong women who weren't afraid of anything. This was very inspiring. I was very happy. It was an experience I will never forget. Good luck with the other things you will be doing at GNTM this year,” stated Sophia Hadjipanteli.

Sophia Hadjipanteli's appearance at GNTM ended with kisses and hugs.

After Sophia's departure, the three remaining judges Vicky Kaya, Tasos Sofroniou and Giorgos Karavas took their places for the creative test of the ID catwalk, where the candidates were asked to dress up, apply make-up and present their unique character, a special stylistic identity, which would make them win impressions so that the best move to the next phase of the bootcamp.

In fact, one of the contestants chose to go out on the catwalk wearing only her dress, with her hair diligently hiding her breasts, Tasos Sofroniou was surprised to wonder "is the mermaid naked or does it look like me?".

All this represented Sophia Hadjipanteli's departure from the competition as a judge, Vicky Kaya did hint that she could return towards the end of the season.

She stated that "it is not excluded that she will return towards the end of GNTM".

The model and presenter added, when speaking on the "Super Katerina" show, referred to the former contestant Anna Amanatidou, who publicly stated that Vicky Kaya did not help her in anything.

"I have never been in contact with Anna. She never asked me for help and I was happy to give it to her if she asked. All the girls who have come and texted me or called me, whatever they needed, I was there," said Kaya.

Regarding Lakis Gavalas and his statements about GNTM, she said: "I love Lakis. We have known each other for many years. I want him to speak his mind undisturbed."

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