The rusty Greek Mini that became viral all over the world (PHOTOS)

Rusted Mini and Yamaha

Finding a forgotten car preoccupies the internet, especially when it comes to something rare or very expensive and in this particular case, we are dealing with a humble Mini that had been left to rust for decades in the underground parking lot under the Titania hotel in the centre of Athens.

A Yamaha motorcycle was also with it.

A few days ago, the Instagram account of the user Ektor Zenetos Rokkos revealed the rusty duo, which was retrieved from the basement of the garage and came out after 30 whole years into the light of day.

Unfortunately, the Mini is in very bad shape, with rust covering everything and its interior completely destroyed. In fact, there are signs of vandalism, such as the missing front lights.

Rusted Mini and Yamaha

Talking about paint and other such details is probably unnecessary considering the state the Mini is in. Obviously there does not seem to be any possibility of a repair, as is also the case with the Yamaha, although it, being newer, is probably in better condition.

According to News Auto, the owner of the Mini had parked it in the basement of the Titania towards the end of the 80s, having come to an agreement for a permanent parking space with the hotel.

Rusted Mini and Yamaha

The owner passed away at some point and none of his relatives cared to look for the Mini, which remained in the basement rusting away.

Today it is again seeing the light of the sun and received worldwide internet interest. But probably for a while, for one last performance, before being led to the inevitable scrap yard. Pity…

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