Turkish analyst: "Greece has air superiority over Turkey, its Rafales have a firing range of 320 km"

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There is widespread irritation and concern in the Turkish media about Greek military equipment, which puts Ankara's strategies on ice in the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean. Rafales, modernised F-16s and in the background... F-35s - along with Belharra frigates - cause irritation, due to their radars, multiple launch systems and missiles.

Speaking on a CNN Türk show, military editor and analyst Özay Şendir admitted that Greece is gaining a significant advantage with the new fighters, which cannot be covered even if Turkey finally acquires new F-16s from the US.

"Let's talk the truth. If the US gives us the new F-16s and if we modernise the other F16s we have, we cannot balance our forces against the Rafales that Greece has and the F-35s that it will get later," said Şendir when explaining the Rafale and F-35 capabilities.

“The Rafale and F-35 launch Meteor missiles while the F-16 cannot. The air force of Greece will now have a firing range of 320 km. Today they have 6 Rafale, not a big force. But in 2026 they will have received all the Rafales and in 2027 all the modernised F-16s.

"In 2028, deliveries of the F-35 will begin," he continued.

The military editor repeated in his statement that today Greece has 6 Rafales with a firing range of 320 km - a fact that will not change in the future, even if Turkey acquires American F-16s.

"Today they have 6 Rafales in Greece, but we do not have such aircraft with a range of 320 km, even if we take the F-16s," concluded Şendir.

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