GNTM: Trans model Evelyn collapsed when judges 'cut' her from the show, psychologist called to help (VIDEO)

Evelyn GNTM

One of the most talked about faces of this year's Greece's Next Top Model (GNTM) saw the exit door from reality modeling. Evelyn, the transgender model, although she got 4 "yeses" from the judges in the auditions, did not manage to continue in the competition and her exit was very episodic.

When the contestant heard from Vicky Kaya that her journey in GNTM was ending, she could not handle the rejection and as a result burst into tears. Her reaction caused concern since she herself collapsed psychologically and the judges did not know how to help her.

In fact, they called the production psychologists.

Vicky Kaya, Anastasios Sofroniou and Yiorgos Karavas ran to help her as she could not hold back her tears.

“Life is ahead of you, you've changed so much, are you going to be stuck here now? The bootcamp didn't go well, it's ok...” Vicky told her, calling out the production psychologist.

"I feel very disappointed. I may have gone to bootcamp wrong, but you didn't give me a single chance to make amends when you told me I could change the world," the contestant said to the judges, who claimed she didn't do well in the photoshoot.

"It has nothing to do with you, it's a competition," Karavas explained to her.

Leaving the set, Evelyn said: "I'm obviously not well. It was something I worked really hard on, I think you get that... Thank you, these.. end... period... What are you going to do with me? After you kicked me out... Please let me go!” the participant, who tore up the piece of paper with her number on it, said.

As expected, Twitter could not ignore the dramatic departure of Evelyn.

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