Wogboy Nick Giannopoulos slammed for "recycling" old... wog jokes


Greek Australian comedian and actor Nick Giannopoulos has been 'slammed' reports the Daily Mail for telling 'recycled' jokes at the recent premiere of this latest 'wog' comedy Wog Boys Forever.

According to the Mail, before the movie started, the 59-year-old comedian spent thirty minutes making vulgar jokes and amusing the audience.

The actor can be seen laughing with the audience during his stand-up comedy routine in video that has been released to TikTok.

'We got any Maltese here? Stand up... Oh, you're already standing,' says Giannopoulos in the clip.

'Italians' a**holes are so tight they can't fart, they burp,' he joked.

Giannopoulos was "recycling 30-year-old jokes," one commenter bluntly stated, while another described the jokes as "boring and childish."

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