Recipe of the Week: Tzatziki

greek yogurt recipe

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This recipe is under 500 calories.



•50g Cucumber

•150g Labneh

•2.5g Mint

•10g Dill

•10ml Olive oil

• 3g Garlic

• 2g Salt

• 5ml Lemon juice

Calorie count: 311 calories

How to make

Wash and clean your cucumber.

Grate your cucumber on the box grater, using large holes, and add it to the labneh.

Fine chop mint and dill leaves.

After chopping, add them to the labneh and cucumber.

Add the remaining ingredients: olive oil, garlic marinade, and salt.

Mix everything thoroughly until you get a creamy texture.

For a bit of freshness to your tzatziki, add lemon juice and mix again.