Turkey asks UN peacekeepers to leave if they don't recognise TRNC


According to today's front page of Hurriyet, Turkey is requesting that the peacekeeping personnel vacate the UN installations in the fictitious state if they do not recognise it.

Manolis Kostidis, SKAI's correspondent in Istanbul, and according to the magazine, the Turkish side has given the UN a month to move forward with recognising the "TRNC." Turkish republic of northern Cyprus.

The ‘foreign minister’ Tahsin Ertugruloglu said that if Unficyp does not make an agreement with the breakaway regime then they will need to abandon their two stations in the north.

Ertugruloglu said that Unficyp’s mandate stems from an agreement with the Greek-Cypriot side, and that the north is hosting them.

“Our hospitality has ended, either they sign a military agreement with the ‘TRNC’ or they will have to leave,” he said.

He added that at the UN General Assembly in New York, he, and Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar met with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations Jean Pierre Lacroix, to whom they presented their preliminary ‘status of forces of agreement’ (SOFA). They also informed them that they will take further steps to have the ‘TRNC’ recognised.

“After 1974, we live with the security of the Turkish army, if the UN soldiers leave the ‘TRNC’, they will leave,” he said