World War II Mortar shells uncovered at a construction site in Thessaloniki (photos)

WWII mortar shells at construction site

Oxidized mortar shells were located, removed and neutralized from the construction site of Leontos Sofou Street in the centre of Thessaloniki.

According to information, on Tuesday (4/10), a Hellenic Army’s Land Mine Clearance Department (TENX) team unearthed more German World War II shells from the construction site. The total number of shells found was 69.

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World war II mortar shells found at the development site

As sources with knowledge of the works at the construction site of Leontos Sofou report, the most likely scenario is that this area was an ammunition warehouse for the Germans during the Nazi occupation of the city.

However, the shells found are intact and active and have not been detonated, so the scenario is also supported by the fact that the shells were stacked and, therefore, in storage.

On the specific construction site, there was a three-story apartment building, which had been erected in 1954 and was demolished in 2004, according to residents, so that a hotel could be built.

In addition, during the excavations carried out in the presence of the local archaeologist department, parts of older underground structures of the 20th century have been found which had no archaeological value and were therefore demolished.