Dendias: EU should try to help Armenia as much as is feasible

Nikos Dendias Russia

Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias told the Warsaw Security Forum on Wednesday that European unity against Russian aggression is an optimistic sign but emphasised that Armenia should also be assisted.

At a panel of the forum, which was titled "Elaborating Shared Responses to Common Transatlantic Security Challenges," Dendias said that what he would consider a nightmare would be the dissolution of Europe. "As long as Europe stands united, I am optimistic for the future," he responded to a question.

The Greek minister noted however that the main challenges the European Union faced from the Russian war in Ukraine were energy, security and inflation, and also he reiterated the need for a EU defense arm. This is essential, he said, "if we have decided in Europe that we must become a geopolitical player."

Another big challenge he noted is the situation in the south Caucasus, he added, underlining that the EU should try to help Armenia as much as is feasible.

Replying to another question, Dendias stressed that Greece strongly supports the enlargement of the EU, and that other countries, including Ukraine, should be aided in becoming EU members the soonest possible.

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