The most FAILED marriage proposal EVER - He gave her a lollipop ring and she slapped him (VIDEO)

marriage proposal

A man's proposal at a baseball game in the US turned into a fiasco when he asked his partner to marry him with a lollipop ring.

The marriage proposal had started with the best of omens for the man as officials at the stadium, where the Toronto Blue Jays played against the Boston Red Sox last weekend, spotted the couple and under the impression that everything was going to go smoothly, they decided to broadcast it on the giant screen.

However, things turned out completely differently. Initially the man stopped his girlfriend while she was going down the stairs, kissed her, said "I love you" and got down on one knee to proceed with the marriage proposal.

However, the groom-to-be 's next move proved disastrous as the black box he pulled from his pocket contained a lollipop ring.

At the sight of this particular ring, the young lady slapped her partner saying "what the f@@@ is wrong with you?" while she also threw her drink on him.

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The video, however, caused a lot of discussion on social media with some users claiming that the slapped man actually wanted to give his partner a real ring, claiming that he had a smaller box in his left pocket.

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