Turkey drops underwater "microphones" in the Aegean Sea to "listen" to Greek submarines

Turkey uav

With the use of underwater microphones, which will be dropped into the sea by UAVs, Turkey is trying to deal with the inability to locate Greek submarines in the waters of the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean.

With the headline "Ear to the Aegean - Underwater microphones for the 'Blue Homeland'," the pro-government newspaper Hurriyet refers to the dropping of Sonobuoy systems, which will act as "stethoscopes" monitoring the movements of submarines in the area.

With the underwater sonobuoy microphone that will be dropped into the sea by the UAVs, activities in deep water will be detected.

The mobility of Greek submarines, especially in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, will be monitored with microphones that sound like "stethoscopes" in the seas, the newspaper notes, referring to the presence of Greek submarines that seems to bother Ankara.


The Sonobuoy system is a relatively small buoy with an expendable sonar system that is dropped from the air into the sea in the context of anti-submarine warfare or underwater acoustic research, with a duration of operation of 6-8 hours.

Until recently, the system was dropped into the sea by vessels of the Turkish Naval Forces Command, but now this will be done with Turkish unmanned aircraft which have been configured appropriately.

Speaking to Hurriyet, the Deputy General Manager of "TUSAŞ UAV" Systems, Ömer Yıldız, made it known that the Turkish UAVs have built-in capabilities to launch and listen to Sonobuoy systems, which transmit radio waves what is heard in the water to the surface. It also performing acoustic analysis.

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