ATHENS: The average price for a hotel room in October

Athens hotel acropolis parthenon average price

The average price of hotel rooms in October have increased at most popular city destinations around the world compared to the equivalent month a year earlier, while, compared to last month, price levels are both up and down, and Athens is no exception to this.

In Athens, hotel prices dropped in October, compared to September, but were higher than price levels registered in October, 2021.

According to data obtained by Travel through the Trivago search engine, the average price for a double room in Athens this month currently averages 137 euros per night, down from 153 euros in September.

The October average price, so far this month, is one of the most competitive compared to other popular European destinations. Online hotel room prices in Athens averaged 104 euros per night in October, 2021.

Elsewhere, the average price for a hotel room in Amsterdam this month is 253 euros per night, a marginal rise compared to September’s average of 252 euros per night.

In Barcelona, this month’s average, so far, is 219 euros per night, down from 236 euros in September; Berlin’s October average is 163 euros per night compared to an average of 217 euros in September; Brussels is averaging 181 euros per night this month, up from 173 euros in September; Dublin’s average has fallen to 235 euros per night in October from 274 euros per night in September; Lisbon’s October average is 209 euros per night, down from 213 euros in September; in London, the average price for October is 267 euros per night, down from 271 euros last month; Madrid’s October average is 198 euros per night from 177 euros in September; Paris is at 299 euros per night this month from 298 euros last month; Rome’s average price for October is 217 euros per night, up from 201 euros per night in September; the Vienna average in October is unchanged, from a month earlier, at 167 euros per night, and Zurich’s average price this month is 272 euros per night, a drop from 299 euros per night in September.

The average price for Bangkok is 59 euros per night, marginally up from September’s average of 58 euros per night; Buenos Aires’ average this month is 136 euros per night, up from 112 euros last month; in Cairo, the October average is 119 euros, up from 112 euros in September; Chicago’s October average is 354 euros, up from 351 euros; the Dubai average is 227 euros per night, well above September’s average price of 154 euros; Hong Kong is at 150 euros, up from 141 euros in September; Johannesburg’s average is 75 euros, marginally lower than September’s average of 76 euros; in Las Vegas, the average is 246 euros, up from 216 euros in September; Melbourne’s average price is 183 euros per night, above the September average of 173 euros; Miami is up to 242 euros per night from 214 euros in September; New York City’s average is 442 euros per night, up from 439 euros in September; the Rio de Janeiro average is 83 euros per night, down from 100 euros in September; San Francisco is at 275 euros per night, a drop from October’s average price of 288 euros per night; Seoul’s average is 101 euros, up from 94 euros in September; Shanghai’s average is 115 euros, down from 120 euros in September; in Singapore, the October average is 216 euros per night, up from 212 euros in September; Sydney’s average is 190 euros, up from 178 euros in September; Tokyo is at an average of 100 euros per night so far this month, the same as the previous month, and Toronto’s October average price for a hotel room is 335 euros per night, down from September’s average of 397 euros.

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