GNTM: The Trans Model's Confession – "When I Told My Mother I Was Female, She Was Relieved"

Eleni Giali GNTM

Eleni Giali, who introduced herself to the Greek public through her participation in Greece's Next Top Model (GNTM), spoke on the "Super Katerina" show and referred to her entire life and the difficulties she faced.

The transgender model, despite garnering a lot of positive feedback with her appearance in the reality fashion auditions, failed to make it into the next stage of the competition to try and claim this year's title.

Starting the interview, Eleni Giali spoke about the relationship she maintains with her father: "We have no communication with my father. Neither before GNTM nor after. I don't even know if he's seen it. He hasn't had any contact with my mother either for many years."

"While I was living in the village, things were ok because Covid also happened and it kind of helped me flourish. When we came out of quarantine I was a different person. My hair had grown long."

"Suddenly the people in that little society where I grew up saw something they didn't know. Where did you come from? My mother always supported me.

"She is always by my side in everything. When I confessed to her that I am a woman, she was relieved, because what she realised is that her child had found their way and will be happy," said Eleni Giali.

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