Abdullah Ağar: "With our blood we will destroy the Greek Rafale"

Abdullah Ağar

Recently Abdullah Ağar appeared confident that Turkey "will definitely do something somewhere", meaning a military strike in the Aegean. In his new appearance on the Turkish network Haber Global, he declared that "with our blood we will destroy the Greek Rafale."

"If they want the homeland, the 'Blue homeland' or our airspace, whether they side with the Americans or side with the Europeans, we will defend against everyone in our homeland. We are not afraid of Greece, the EU or the United States of America" ​​said Ağar.

He also accused the West of using Greece to "violate Turkey's sovereignty" citing the answer given by a friend of his regarding the presence of the Greek Rafale in the Aegean.

He stated specifically, "today the Western world is using Greece and Cyprus, who have a tendency to violate Turkey's sovereignty. We cannot allow this, we cannot tolerate this."

"I asked a related friend about the Rafales. I asked him about the issue of air superiority in the Aegean. He told me 'Don't worry. If necessary we will sacrifice two and detach one'. He told me. 'And with our blood we will destroy them'," he asserted.

Ağar essentially creates a climate in Turkish public opinion that if required there will be losses in an alleged conflict with Greece.

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