Apple forced to change iPhone charging port to USB-C in EU by fall 2024

Apple iphone 14

To comply with new regulations providing a single charging port for the majority of electronic gadgets, Apple AAPL.O will need to update the charger for its iPhones in the European Union starting in the fall of 2024.

The change, which was voted by a resounding majority on Tuesday in the European Parliament and is the first of its sort elsewhere in the world, may boost the EU's position as a leader in setting international standards for telecommunications technology. The vote upheld an earlier understanding amongst EU institutions.

The new regulations will force Apple to modify its charging port for iPhones and other devices since the USB-C ports used by Android-based products will become the norm across the 27-nation bloc.

Although many now utilise USB-C, it will also apply to laptops starting in 2026, providing manufacturers more time to adapt.