Rugby League World Cup best 17s: Greece

Greece Rugby League Team 2022

Greece will make their long-awaited debut at the Rugby League World Cup in 2022 after a successful qualifying campaign.

It was a campaign which saw them first get the better of Norway in the Euro Division play off, before the Titans managed to overcome Serbia in the group stage. Although they fell to Scotland, the top two teams out of each team in the Euro qualifier would advance, with Ireland and Italy making it into the tournament out of the other group reports

The qualification means Steve Georgallis' side will make their debut at the tournament from an International Rugby League ranking position of 11.

Lumped into a tough group alongside hosts England, Pacific Island heavyweight and tournament dark horse Samoa, and the potentially more beatable, but still challenging French outfit, they will be relying on four NRL players to bring plenty of experience.

The best 17

1. Chaise Robinson
2. John Mitsias
3. Nick Mougios
4. Mitchell Zampetides
5. Kosta Katsidonis
6. Jordan Meads (c)
7. Lachlan Ilias
8. Billy Tsikrikas
9. Peter Mamouzelos
10. Stefanos Bastas
11. Jake Kambos
12. Adam Vrahnos
13. Billy Magoulias
14. Nikolaos Bosmos
15. Nick Flocas
16. Myles Gal
17. Sebastian Sell

Key information

Group: A
Coach: Steve Georgiallis
Captain: Jordan Meads
Number of World Cups: Debut
Best World Cup performance: N/A

Tuesday, October 18, 5:30am: vs Greece
Monday, October 24, 3:00am: vs Samoa
Sunday, October 30, 12:30am: vs England

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