Russell Crowe Zeus tribute to Greek pilot friend Hercules Demirgelis


Oscar winning actor Russell Crowe paid tribute to his Greek Australian pilot friend Hercules Demirgelis on social media, after Qantas announced he was taking command of its 787 Boeing.

"Sydney Boys High mate Hercules attains command of a 787 Boeing. Worked towards this goal his entire adult life. What a moment. People ask me about my inspiration for Zeus & why it was important to me that he was proudly Greek. To honour my Greek friends & make them laugh, that’s why." tweeted Crowe about Demirgelis.

Russell Crowe with Hercules
Hercules Demirgelis and Russell Crowe (Photo: Supplied)

Demirgelis had spent his career 20,000 hours of his adult working life flying 747's for Qantas until they were recently retired from operation.

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