GNTM 5: The first model to leave and the 40 metre high swing - SEE video


The auditions for Greece's Next Top Model (GNTM) are over and the 21 contestants, just before entering Star's fashion reality house, were asked to complete the first exit test.

Vicky Kaya, Tasos Sofroniou and Yiorgos Karavas welcomed the models on the roof of a building in the centre of Athens. There they saw Mary Vitinaros wearing an airy dress swinging with a view from an uncomfortably scary height.

In the first exit test the models had to swing on a roof, with the aim of promoting a perfume of a famous French fashion brand.

In addition to the model instructor, Mary Vitinaros, another person made their appearance on GNTM. Christos Birbas introduced himself to the girls as their new coach and will help them with the tests.

However, the first set of photoshoots was demanding as several girls appeared to be facing a problem due to their fear of heights and were unable to perform at their best.

Despite her fear, Alexia decided to do her best to get the best shot. Her decision to let go led to an "accident" as her breasts came into view. The judges stopped the photo shoot for a while and smiled, but Alexia continued undeterred. Tasos Sofoniou exclaimed: "We have a boom reveal".

At the end of her photoshoot she said to the camera:

"I was very nervous at first with the fear of heights. I thought I would be more stressed and tried to calm myself down. But I think I found it even though I treated myself to some breast. All good".

After the photoshoot, Vicky Kaya, Tasos Sofroniou and Yiorgos Karavas judged that Alexia won the best photo of the week.

The two girls who did not satisfy the judges in the first test of GNTM5 were Myria and Katerina.

The first model to see the exit door from the modeling competition was Katerina, who declared that she would return to her two children.

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