Greece runs entirely on renewables for the first time in its history

wind farm greece Pyatt

Greece's independent power transmission operator claims that last week marked the first time in its history that all of its energy came from renewable sources (IPTO).

On Friday, 7 October, the nation used only renewable energy for about five hours, reaching a record high of 3,106MWh at eight o'clock (GMT).

For the first time in the Greek power system's history, 100% of the demand was met by renewable energy sources, according to an IPTO report.

According to the statement, "additional electrical capacity is produced for even larger RES [renewable energy sources] penetration, which will make our energy mix even greener in the coming years, with the interconnections developed by IPTO on land and water."

Greece aims to attract about 30 billion of euros in European funds and private investments to upgrade its electricity grid and more than double its green energy capacity to account for at least 70% of its energy mix by 2030.

It plans to have 25 gigawatts of installed renewable energy capacity from about 10 gigawatts now, but analysts say Athens might reach that target sooner.