Greek Minister condemns father's “bestial” Nazi salute in court (VIDEO)

plevris 1

Greece’s health minister Thanos Plevris on Tuesday condemned his lawyer father for giving a Nazi salute in court as recently reported by Greek City Times.

The New Democracy Minister is the son of Kostas Plevris, who is the defence lawyer for Yiannis Lagos, an MEP and convicted member of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn criminal organization.

Last Friday, Kostas Plevris caused uproar after giving a Nazi salute in front of judges at an appeal hearing by dozens of people, including Lagos, convicted in relation to the Golden Dawn murder of leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas in 2013.

Speaking to Skai TV, the minister said: “My father has never hidden his ideology, (as) democracy allows anyone to hold any ideology he wishes.”

“There were two terrifying missteps, here, which made me shudder: the first is that the salute took place in a courtroom; and the second … is that the salute took place before a mother, Magda Fyssa, whose son was murdered by a neo-Nazi.”

“To salute as a person who believes in the ideology that murdered that child” in front of that child’s mother was “brutalization,” the minister said.