Three AMAZING taverns in the mountains of Greece

Kottani tavern Xanthi taverns

In the high mountains of Greece, in their wooded landscapes, some of the best taverns in the country can be found.

Some of the best meat in Greece can be found in these mountain taverns, with many of them having their own herds of animals. However, you can also expect fresh vegetables, usually grown in their own gardens.

In addition, many make their own sourdough bread in traditional wood-fired ovens and bring to their customers daily recipes of local cuisine, which they accompany with delicious cheeses from local cheesemakers, pies with handmade puff pastry and wine from small wineries.

So with the weather slowly getting colder and the mountains calling us, Travel has listed some of the best taverns that can be found across Greece.

"Andreas" (Skopia Serres)

Andreas Skopia Serres

Until recently, the tavern of Andreas Stavridis was a secret for few , but was brought to the fore by the food blogger Stathis Harpantidis from Kavala. From there, the tavern's reputation spread like wildfire and today is at the top of every serious meat eater's agenda.

At first glance, you see a classic tavern with a small but well-kept courtyard, almost in the centre of the picturesque village of Skopia in Serres, which is located near the border with Drama. But the feeling changes as soon as you enter the interior, which is characterised by elegance, a fireplace and nice music.

Whatever you order at "Andreas", it will come properly cut and nicely cooked.

Andreas Skopia Serres

Andreas Skopia Serres

Andreas Stavridis is a third-generation restaurateur and cattle breeder who studied in the international hot spots of meat eating – from Argentina to Tuscany and from there to New York, Toronto, Scotland and Ireland – where he learned a lot about breeding, slaughtering and roasting the finest meats.

At some point he decided to return to Skopia in order to apply his knowledge in the family tavern.

Whatever you order here (steaks, tenderloin, spit goat, t-bone steak, tomahawk, steak tartare, even suzukaki, biftekia or sausage), everything will come properly cut and nicely cooked, juicy and delicious.

Andreas raises calves on his farm, but also sources other meats from local breeders. Accordingly, he also gets cheeses and wines from local cheesemakers and winemakers. Finally, he grows the vegetables and aromatic herbs he uses in his vegetable garden, right behind the tavern.


Skopia Serres, tel. 2324023520
It is good to book a table before you come.

"Kottani" (Kottani Xanthi)

Kottani Xanthi

In addition to good food, this tavern in Pomakochoria also offers an overall aesthetic and folkloric experience, which particularly touches the visitor. Something that is due to the initiative of its owner, Cemil Haliloglou, to utilise the upper part of the old building where the "Kottani" is housed - a former inn, 100 years old - in order to develop the representation of a traditional Pomaki house.

Kottani Xanthi

In the hall, again, you see colours everywhere, while there is also a cast-iron fabric, which contributes to the warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The village of Kottani, meanwhile, which belongs to Xanthi, is beautiful, built at an altitude of 250 metres, with the view of the green mountain calming.

Inside the tavern of the same name, now, Cemil Haliloglou, after gaining a lot of experience in catering by working in shops in Xanthi, deals with the roasts, while Muskyen's wife makes pies and stews and his son Hassan serves.

Kottani - Reviews, Photos - Taverna Kottani - Tripadvisor

You will definitely order slow- cooked (local) goat - one of the best you've ever eaten - lamb with potatoes, shish kebabs, ribs, livers, sausages and many other local grilled meats, as well as yogurt kebabs and sweets.

You will also find salads with homemade pickles, bean salad, vegetable pie, patatnik (a type of potato pie) and grilled eggplant with feta cheese in a clay pot.

Kottani Xanthi

You will reach "Kottani" by road from Xanthi , crossing a wonderful natural landscape. The last 5 kilometers is a dirt road, which any vehicle can comfortably cross.


Kottani Xanthi, tel. 2544023520
In winter call to find out about the road conditions.

Paradeisos (Evrytania)

Paradeisos Evrytania

Between the Small and the Great Village of Evrytania, the "Paradeisos" tavern immediately attracts attention, thanks to its panoramic plane trees and stone-paved courtyard.

The interior hall is high-ceilinged, with a wooden ceiling and beams that stand out, while from the hall's large windows you can romanticise the wooded landscape while the fireplace burns non-stop.

The people who will serve you are very kind and welcoming: they really care that you have a good time and offer honest, well-cooked food that honours the local gastronomy.

In the kitchen, Panagiotis Kalyvas, a cook as well as a hunter, prepares a wide range of cooked food.

These include wild boar stew, lamb with oregano oil, rooster with wine, braised beef with pasta, pork with cabbage, awesome chicken egg-lemon soup, pies (vegetable pie, garlic pie, cheese pie), bean salad and dreamy roasted aubergines in the oven.

All the meats at "Paradeisos" are local (ribs, steaks, sausages, burgers, etc.) and will be cooked to order. There are also many spits with lamb, kokoretsi and kontosovli, while at the end they will offer you a handmade sweet of the day.


Evrytania, 11th kilometre of Karpenisi-Proussos, at the intersection for Mikro and Megalo Chorio
Tel. 223704132

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