Erdoğan threatens again: "We fear no one... We may come suddenly one night"

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Tayfun missile

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan once again showed his annoyance with the American base in Alexandroupolis and the militarization of the islands in his statements to journalists, upon his return from Kazakhstan.

When asked about Alexandroupolis and "US-backed equipment on Lesbos and other Aegean islands," Erdoğan replied: "We have warned them about all this. The Department of National Defence is in discussions with the United States on this matter."

"In fact, during this period there was also a meeting of the NATO defence ministers. Our minister also had the opportunity to discuss these issues in detail with his counterparts in these meetings. We will meet with Hulusi Akar when we have the result.

"Of course, we see what happens in Alexandroupolis or on various islands."

And he continued, showing his menacing moods: “Once we put on our armour and take our measures, we fear no one. We have taken our precautions, everything is ready. Therefore, we are taking our steps accordingly. Let them think about all this."

When asked about the limits of Turkey's patience, Erdoğan said: “This thing has no date. We can come suddenly one night and that will go down in history. But we will not give the date here. Where, what will happen, when will it be discussed? We cannot answer."

In September, Erdoğan threatened Greece by saying it would pay a “heavy price” if it continued to “harass” Turkish planes over the Aegean.

He was referring to Ankara’s claim that Greek S-300 surface-to-air missiles stationed on Crete locked on a Turkish aircraft west of Rhodes last Sunday, which he referred to as a “hostile act.”

Athens has vehemently denied Turkey’s allegation, with Greek military sources assuring that the S-300s did not lock on to Turkish F-16 fighter jets.

“Hey Greece, take a look at history…If you go further, you will pay a heavy price,” the Turkish president said.

An infuriated Erdoğan accused Greece of “occupying” the islands.

“We have only one word to tell Greece: Do not forget Izmir (Smyrna in Greek),” Erdogan said, referring to the end of the Greek occupation after Turkish forces entered the city on the Aegean coast in 1922.

“Your occupation of the islands does not bind us,” Erdogan said.

“When the time comes, we will do what’s necessary [, and as] we say, we may come suddenly one night,” he added, using a statement first said by the then Turkish Prime Minister before the invasion of Cyprus in 1974.

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