Pakistan slammed by India at UNGA for 'frivolous, pointless' remarks on Kashmir

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India slammed Pakistan at the United Nations General Assembly debate on Russia as its permanent representative member to the UN, Ruchira Kamboj gave a befitting reply to the Pakistani diplomat Muni Akram, who brought up the 'Kashmir' issue and tried to draw parallels with the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

During the debate in the General Assembly, Kamboj said, "We have witnessed, unsurprisingly, yet again, an attempt by one delegation to misuse this forum and make frivolous and pointless remarks against my country."

She added, "The entire territory of Jammu and Kashmir is and will always be an integral part of India... We call on Pakistan to stop cross-border terrorism so our citizens can enjoy their right to life and liberty."

The UNGA debate was held to condemn Russia for its illegal annexation of four regions in Ukraine. Among the present members, 143 voted in favour of the resolution against Russia, with only five supporting the country in its decision. The remaining 35 countries, including India and China, abstained.

India, which has a history of remaining neutral, chose to stick with it. India has always shown its deep concerns over the escalating war in Ukraine, saying no solution can be reached at a human cost.

Kamboj, standing by India's vote, said, "We have urged that all efforts be made for an immediate cessation of hostilities and an urgent return to the path of dialogue and diplomacy."