More than 2 million Greek retirees to see pension increase

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More than 2 million Greek retirees to see pension increase it has been announced following a meeting between Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis with representatives of pensioners' unions at Maximos Mansion on Friday.

Citing a report by e-EFKA, Greece's unified social insurance fund, Mitsotakis said that almost 95% (or 2.47 million citizens) of the country's pensioners will see new increases in pension checks as of January 2023.

Moreover, a lot of pensioners will see increased checks from two or three sources. He added that the thawing of a pension freeze will benefit some 1.7 million retirees, while more than 840,000 pensioners will benefit from the abolition of the solidarity tax and another 1.2 million pensioners will receive a one-off 250-euro bonus, noted the premier.

Pensioners' reps reiterated their call for an increase in the amount of their payments, but also for the retroactive payment of Christmas and Easter bonuses, and also of supplementary pensions, for everyone.

Mitsotakis pointed out that over the last three years the government implemented a series of support measures that have boosted pensions, including a correction of the last government's cuts.