The top travel destinations for Greek tourists this autumn

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Rome, Paris and London are the top three travel destinations for Greek tourists this autumn, according to internet searches for September on Google which was processed by the analysis company Tourix.

Collectively, the top 10 countries with the greatest travel demand by Greeks for September 2022 are Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, Spain, Hungary and Austria.

Tourix, which specialises in digital tourism marketing, conducts research on travel demand at regular intervals, based on the volume of searches on Google by Internet users in Greece for accommodation.

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The Top Ten:

  1. Rome
  2. Paris
  3. London
  4. Istanbul
  5. Milan
  6. Budapest
  7. Amsterdam
  8. Vienna
  9. New York
  10. Dubai

Compared to September 2021, the USA and Hungary have significantly increased in demand for Greek travelers, while the United Arab Emirates has dropped out of the top 10 list countries.

In the ranking of the cities based on the demand for accommodation from Greece abroad in September 2022 compared to August 2022, the following data emerges:

Rome, Paris and London are the favourite destinations of travelers from Greece, having a significant difference in travel demand from the rest of the destinations

Milan has an upward trend, now in 5th place, from 8th place in August 2022.

Compared to September 2021, New York has significantly increased its demand from Greek travelers, knocking Dubai down to tenth place. The second favourite destination in the USA is Las Vegas, which is in the top 30 in terms of travel demand.

Collectively, the ten cities with the greatest travel demand by Greeks for this September are Rome, Paris, London, Istanbul, Milan, Budapest, Amsterdam, Vienna, New York and Dubai.

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