Konstantinos Plevris gives ANOTHER Nazi salute at the Golden Dawn trial

Konstantinos Plevris

The lawyer defending Golden Dawn, Konstantinos Plevris, made another Nazi salute in the courtroom.

At the start of the proceedings and after the speech by his defendant Ioannis Lagos, Plevris gave the Nazi salute, this time making sure that the court saw him. In fact, he spoke of "weaknesses of the left" and declared himself a supporter of Greek dictator Metaxas.

Konstantinos Plevris

Konstantinos Plevris

He said in court: "Some newspapers wrote that Lagos is a former MEP. Some call him a murderer. There is a violation of the presumption of innocence."

"There is a court decision that says that Konstantinos Plevris is related to Greek nationalism and not to Nazism and don't listen to the naysayers of the left. We believe in Metaxas and greet like this," he said.

Then Plevris raised his hand with the judge asking him if he thinks this behaviour favours his client. However, the judge said nothing about directly about the Nazi salute which took place for the third time in a row inside the courtroom.

For her part, the district attorney pointed out that "Metaxas followed Hitler. Tell us who handed over Macedonia to the occupation. We heard about the weaknesses of the Left. He is controlled for the Nazi salute. Tolerance must end."

Thanos Plevris, Greece’s health minister, last week denounced his far-right father for a Nazi salute made during the ongoing appeal trial of neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn. Thanos Plevris, a former member of the far-right Greek party Laos, called the gesture “bestial.”

The minister told Skai TV he took particular offense that his father — who is defending a jailed ex-Golden Dawn Eurodeputy in the trial — made the gesture in early October during testimony given by the mother of Pavlos Fyssas, an anti-fascist rapper murdered by a Golden Dawn member in 2013.

“It made me shudder,” Plevris told Skai TV after the first incident of Nazi saluting in court by his father. “First, the salute was inside a courtroom. And second… that it was in front of a woman whose child was murdered by a Nazi."

“I bear no responsibility, it makes me feel very bad,” the minister said.

Thanos Plevris added that his father has “never hidden his ideology,” which is not illegal under Greek law.

A lawyer himself, Thanos Plevris had defended his father in court more than a decade earlier over a 2006 book calling Jews sub-human, mortal enemies, and worthy of the firing squad.

The book by Plevris senior also denied the Holocaust, took the side of the Nazis, and threatened Jews.

Kostas Plevris had originally been found guilty of racial insults and inciting hatred and racial violence, but was acquitted on appeal in 2009.

Upon becoming health minister last year, Thanos Plevris said he “opposed all forms of antisemitism” and “completely disagreed” with his father’s views.

The Golden Dawn appeal trial began in June, nearly two years after the conviction of nearly 60 defendants in a landmark case over the murder of Fyssas and other crimes including murder, assault, and running a criminal organization.

It is expected to last at least a year.

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