Sabah: The USA is hiding behind Greece in the Aegean


"The USA is hiding behind Greece," claims an article in the Turkish newspaper Sabah authored by Haşmet Babaoğlu, who "sees" a Western conspiracy against Turkey.

In his article, Babaoğlu argues that Turkey in the "Sea of ​​Islands" - as he calls the Aegean Sea - does not face Greece, but the USA, as well as "on the other side of the border of our Thrace" - apparently because of the American military base in Alexandroupolis.

"The Greek media reports that Greece will increase territorial waters to 12 nautical miles in the Sea of ​​Islands in the coming days. It is written that this decision will be taken first for the area of ​​Crete and then gradually expanded," he wrote.

"This is a move that we have declared at every opportunity that it will be considered a 'casus belli'. Greece did not do this and could not do it until today. Now again it cannot do it "by itself", but this move will come from the USA and the new policy of the 'western alliance'."

Sabah's columnist argues that the waters in the Aegean are "warming up" by order of the US, which also determines the movements of Greece. He also took aim at the former Tsipras government which, although "anti-American" in theory, in practice "Americanised" Greece."

"The Greek people, with the highest anti-American sentiment among European countries, were 'Americanized"'directly by the left-wing government. This usually happens from the left - social democratic parties that are offered," he writes.

Shots are fired at the US, both for its relations with Greece and for the failed coup of 2016. The article concludes by labeling Greece as "Ukraine 2" - which could lead to new conflicts in the region - as well as threats against of our country.

Considering that everything is driven by the USA, Babaoğlu concludes that Turkey should move in such a way as to "relieve" Greece of the American burden.

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