Turkish media describe General Floros' visit to Chios and other Greek islands as "provocative"

turkish media

The visit of Greek General Konstantinos Floros to the islands of Chios, Oinousses, Panagia and Psara was characterised by Turkish media as "provocative"

Pro-government media in Turkey accused Athens of making provocative actions by visiting islands that are supposedly under a "demilitarised" regime or are considered of "dubious sovereignty".

"Another move by Greece with the purpose of provocation and harassment against Turkey. After blocking the radar of the Turkish F-16s flying in the Aegean and equipping islands with a demilitarised regime, this time the visit of the head of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff [GEETHA], Konstantinos Floros, was on the agenda," writes Haberler.com, which also described the visit as "provocative".

"The military units on the islands of the Eastern Aegean were visited by the Greek military chief Konstantinos Floros, who visited Chios which is only 2 miles from the Kuşadası area of Aydın. There he inspected land and naval troops," writes Sözcü.

"Challenge from Chios by the Head of GEETHA" is the title of a publication of the information portal Aydin Post.

"Greece, which at every opportunity increases the tension in the region, proceeded with yet another challenge. The words of GEETHA during his visit to the illegally militarised islands of the Eastern Aegean reveal the agenda," the publication said.

Akşam newspaper is in the same mood. "Demilitarised Chios was visited by GETHA," added the publication, characterising as provocative the presence of general Floros on a Greek island which, according to Turkish claims, should not have military forces.

"A new move has been added to Greece's actions of harassment and provocation against Turkey. This time with the visit of the Greek military chief to Chios who inspected the illegally stationed military units on the island," stated the publication.

It also noted that Chios is only 2 miles from the opposite Turkish coast and that it was preceded by a military exercise in which they took part and armored vehicles of American origin.

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