Greece is full of luxury cars from Ukraine

greece ukraine luxury cars

The war in Ukraine is not ending anytime soon and this is the reason why hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians left their homes in search of a better fortune in other regions of their country, as well as in Europe, including Greece.

There are many who have immigrated to Greece and are waiting for the hostilities with the Russians to end in order to return to their homeland.

Since the war started about 8 months ago, along with the millions of immigrants, there were also thousands of cars that left Ukraine and are already in various countries, mainly European.

In Greece until they return to Ukraine

Among them also in Greece, where according to News Auto, thousands of cars with Ukrainian license plates are already on Greek roads, with many of them being very luxurious.

As you can see from the images, Porsche, BMW, various SUVs, but also many Range Rovers moved families far from Putin's war...

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In addition to the roads where Ukrainians normally drive them, many have them in closed parking lots as they wait for the moment when they can drive back to their country.

Please note that citizens of Ukraine can freely enter Greek territory with their cars, while driving licenses are also recognised as normal.

Vassilis Sarimbalides is a correspondent for News Auto.

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