Hurriyet: "Greece can't get enough of weapons"


Under the title "Greece can't get enough of weapons - Order of 4 billion euros from Germany", Turkey's Hurriyet newspaper reacts to the Athens-Berlin deal for the modernisation of battle tanks and the supply of new MEKO frigates, which will significantly strengthen the country's defence.

Clearly disturbed by the development, the pro-government newspaper speaks of Greece's "armament frenzy", which "continues" with a new agreement with Germany.

"After France and the USA, Germany joins the arms frenzy initiated by the Greek government, following the crisis with Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean in 2020", noted the publication, adding that during the visit of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Athens on October 27, a new armaments program worth 4 billion euros is expected to be announced.

"After the crisis of 2020, Athens implemented a broad armament program. In this context, it ordered 24 Rafale warplanes worth 3.3 billion dollars and 3 Belharra type frigates worth 3 billion dollars from France," writes Hurriyet, concluding on the contacts initiated by Athens with Washington for the acquisition of F-35 aircraft.

"After the US government gave the 'green light' during Prime Minister Mitsotakis' visit to Washington last May, the Greek Air Force sent a 'letter of intent', requesting the start of the process to purchase 20 F-35s. If agreed, it is estimated that the aircraft will cost around $3 billion, deliveries will begin in 2028," the report concluded.

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