The "parking of the century" in Patras: When the driver arrived she was applauded by the crowd!

patras car parking

The "best parking ever" took place in Patras. The driver had just literally parked in the middle of the road and went about her business without a care for traffic or anybody else.

We're not even talking about double parking, which can be found everywhere in Greece... As you can see in the photo published on Flamis, the young driver simply abandoned her car in the middle of the road where a bus is passing, ignoring the confusion she caused and simply went about her business.

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The incident happened near the intersection of Ermou and Riga Feraou for 25 minutes!

Locals questioned whether “she was in a hurry to change a shirt?" or "Did she want to drink her coffee?"

Nobody knows! However, the bus driver was indignant to pass and the passing drivers used their horns endlessly.

When the young driver arrived, she was applauded by all the patrons of the adjacent cafes and the other drivers.

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