Greece to make 4 billion euro deal with Germany

Meko Frigate

Greece is preparing to make a 4 billion euro deal for the modernization of tanks and four frigates with Germany.

Within the Greek government’s armament process initiated in the eastern Mediterranean after the crisis with Tukey in 2020, Greece’s new address is Germany, after France and the U.S.

During German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s visit to Greece’s capital Athens on Oct. 27, an armament program worth approximately 4 billion euros or a part of this program is expected to be announced.

According to Greek media, the armament program includes the purchase of 205 new Lynx KF-41 type armoured combat vehicles, which will be produced in a factory to be established in Northern Greece.

The deal also will comprise the modernizations of 190 Leopard type 1, 183 Leopard type 2 tanks and four MEKO type frigates.

The modernization of a total of 337 Leopard tanks will cost 2 billion euros, while the purchase of 205 armoured combat vehicles will be worth 1.4 billion euros.

The modernisation of four frigates is worth 600 million euros.

Also, the first German Marder 1A3 infantry fighting vehicles have been delivered to Greece as part of a swap deal between the two countries to support Ukraine.

Based on the agreement between the two governments announced on May 31, Germany will hand over 40 Marder IFVs to Greece while Greece will deliver 40 Soviet-era BMP-1 IFVs to Ukraine. The first six Marders arrived in Greece, while another 34 in the next few weeks.