Sky Express will fly directly to Sofia!

Sofia Bulgaria Sky Express

From 02 November, SKY Express will connect the capital of Bulgaria, one of the most beloved destinations in the Balkans, even closer to Athens with direct flights, five days a week.

With the new route, passengers have more choices at highly competitive terms and connectivity opportunities for business, leisure and tourism, all year round.

The inclusion of Sofia further strengthens the dynamic international course of SKY Express, especially after a highly demanding summer during which the company consistently served 34 domestic destinations and 24 foreign cities.

As emphasised by Vassilis Krasanakis, the Network Planning & Pricing Manager at SKY Express: "Today we announce the expansion of our flying project in a strategic area with strong ties to Greece in terms of hospitality, but also entrepreneurship."

"Our joy is twofold as within a short period of time from the first international flight we spread our wings to the 10th consecutive international destination that we serve all year round with the country's newest and greenest fleet," he said.

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